Why your next work meeting could be outside

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Why your next work meeting could be outside

The outdoors are making their way into office workspaces. An office’s atmosphere and culture are becoming major selling points for workers, as companies pay more attention to what’s being incorporated into the design and layout of their work areas. That means cubicles and more defined work areas are going away and being replaced with open spaces, more vegetation and easy access to the outdoors. Amazon took this concept to the extreme with The Spheres, which recently opened at its Seattle headquarters. The space, which is open to all Amazon employees, provides a direct link to nature, the company said, featuring river and waterfall features, more than 40,000 plants, paludariums and epiphytic trees. Workers can even hold meetings in a tree house. What you won’t find in the new space: desks, enclosed offices or conferences spaces.

Reading Vocabulary

headquarters – the premises serving as the managerial and administrative centre of an organization


Question: Do you think that the place where you work or study has a big impact on how you perform? Where would you prefer to work?





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Picture Vocabulary 

MESH – material made of a network of wire or thread.
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