How to ask for something

1. You ordered 100 new 27-inch black monitors which should have been delivered on Monday. The monitors arrived on Friday. In addition, the monitors were gray and only 19 inches. Leave a message for the supplier.

2. You ask your boss if you can attend a training course for 3 days next week, and if the company can pay for it. Explain why you need this training course.

3. Your flight has been canceled but you haven’t been rebooked yet. Ask the customer service assistant at the airport what options you have.

4. Your colleague keeps forgetting to send her part of a group project. The project is due next week and the boss has been asking for an update all day. Call her to ask for an update.

5. You need to organize a business dinner for 18 people. Ask the restaurant if they are available on your date, if they can accommodate your group and if they can propose 3 menus.

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