Louis Vuitton hit for ‘discriminatory’ return policy


Louis Vuitton is under criticism in Korea again, after it recently decided to allow only 14 days for Korean customers to exchange their products for free, while offering the usual 30 days to customers in other countries, industry officials said Thursday. Critics say the company is seemingly looking down on Koreans, despite its popularity here. According to industry officials, Korean customers of the French luxury brand received a sudden notice of the revision of terms of purchase late last month. Louis Vuitton said only Korea will be subject to the amendment. It guarantees 30 days in the United States, China, Japan and France. The company even wrote on its French website that Louis Vuitton offers its customers the opportunity to exchange their products within 30 days of purchase in order to satisfy them, although the country’s law guarantees only 14 days. In addition, Louis Vuitton allows only seven days for Korean customers to get refunds for free, while offering 14 days in France and 30 days in the U.S. and Japan. Korean consumers regard the return policy as discriminatory. Some Louis Vuitton customers also complained that they were not notified of the amendment. They also complained that Louis Vuitton does not intend to withdraw its decision, even if its customers refuse to accept the amendment. Louis Vuitton cited the nation’s market conditions as a reason for its recent decision, saying other luxury brands, such as Gucci, Chanel and Burberry, also only offer 14 days for an exchange. Over the past few years, the luxury brand has drawn criticism from Korean consumers, as the international fashion house continues to carry out massive price hikes in Korea. Whenever it raises its prices, the Korean subsidiary says its global headquarters made the decision.

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