Should we be searching for hidden spy cameras in Airbnbs and hotels?

airbnb-2384737_1920Airbnbs have changed the way we vacation, offering accommodation that adds a whole new dimension to travel. Sometimes that extra dimension is delightful — a unique place to stay in a cool neighborhood, or the chance to experience life like a local. But lately, there have been a few incidents where the extra dimension is downright creepy. In the most recent, a family from New Zealand discovered a hidden camera livestreamingfrom a property they were renting in Cork, Ireland. That follows claims of several other secret camera discoveries, which were reported last month by The Atlantic magazine. Of course, these are likely isolated incidents and Airbnb says it has taken action, investigated and apologized where appropriate. Airbnb insists negative experiences during stays are extremely rare.

Question: Have you ever had a bad experience in an Airbnb?

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