The Las Vegas Chippendales Dancers Turned Their Routines Into Quarantine Workout Videos

69_Original.jpgQuestion: Are you exercising during this period?

Since it looks like we’re all going to be stuck inside for some time to come, it’s crucial to get our home workouts in order. And sure, we could stream yoga, run on a treadmill, or hop onto a spin bike, but why would we do that when we can just work out with a Chippendales dancer instead?

The men of Chippendales — a true Las Vegas institution — are bringing the heat to social media with a series of workout videos to help us all work up a sweat in more ways than one.

“We’ve got the idea for these home workouts because so many fans have been emailing and posting on social media that they wanted to see the Chippendales during the quarantine,” Chippendales dancer Ryan Worley shared with ABC News Radio. “So our team decided the best way was to do these home workouts.”

So far, the official Instagram page has just a few workouts posted, but they are well worth watching over and over again.

“We are not only entertaining fans but helping them stay fit and active during the quarantine, which is very important for our mental and physical health,” Worley added. “The fans are loving it and want more, so we’re working on an entire series to roll out over the next few weeks.”

With the Las Vegas Strip essentially shut down, and gyms around the nation shuttered for the foreseeable future, this may just be the perfect mix of entertainment and exercise we all needed. Plus, we can all use it to spark a little wanderlust to plan a Vegas vacation as soon as it’s deemed safe.


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