People crowd Southern California beaches despite coronavirus concerns


Seeking relief from a heat wave, thousands of people crowded beaches in Southern California this weekend amid the coronavirus pandemic, despite a statewide stay-at-home order implemented by the governor last month. While beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties remained closed, they were open in Ventura and Orange Counties. However, beachgoers still had to adhere to a patchwork of guidelines and restrictions, including keeping parking lots closed to discourage outside visitors and limit crowds.


heat wave – a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather.

amid – surrounded by; in the middle of.

statewide – extending throughout a particular state in the US.

beachgoers – a person who goes to the beach.

adhere – believe in and follow the practices of.

patchwork – a thing composed of many different elements so as to appear variegated.

In cerca di sollievo da un’ondata di caldo, migliaia di persone hanno affollato le spiagge della California del Sud questo fine settimana in mezzo alla pandemia di coronavirus, nonostante l’ordine di soggiorno in tutto lo stato attuato dal governatore il mese scorso. Mentre le spiagge delle contee di Los Angeles e San Diego sono rimaste chiuse, sono rimaste aperte nelle contee di Ventura e Orange. Tuttavia, i frequentatori della spiaggia hanno dovuto attenersi a un mosaico di linee guida e restrizioni, tra cui la chiusura dei parcheggi per scoraggiare i visitatori esterni e limitare le folle.


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