‘When is my career going to start?’ College grads face one of the bleakest job markets in history

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These short lessons cannot substitute speaking on a regular basis, which is the best way to improve. These lessons are a great way to keep improving in between lessons. They are short readings and videos selected by Marcus to help you save time and energy. It is not easy to stay motivated and even when you are motivated, it is difficult to find something new and interesting every day. I will take care of that for you, making it very simple for you to improve your English skills every single day!


Keep a “Daily Lesson” diary to track your progress and the new things that you learn, specifically the new sentence from the reading and video. You can easily come back and find all of the vocabulary words from the article on my website at a later date.

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May is a month to celebrate college graduates and their achievements, wishing them well as they begin their career with a hard-earned degree under their beltGraduation, however, looks different this year. The coronavirus outbreak has caused universities across the country to postpone their annual ceremonies or conduct them virtually. And afterward, graduates will face one of the bleakest job markets in history. With more than 30 million Americans applying for unemployment benefits and many companies reducing internships and entry level positions, college grads are left facing an uphill battle just when they thought their future could finally begin. According to Glassdoor, internship hiring fell 39% year-over-year in April with declines across all industries. The hardest-hit sectors were travel and tourism, information technology and media and publishing.

achievements – a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.

hard-earned – having taken a great deal of effort to earn or acquire.

degree – an academic rank conferred by a college or university after examination or after completion of a course, or conferred as an honour on a distinguished person.

under their belt – safely or satisfactorily achieved, experienced, or acquired.

postpone – cause or arrange for (something) to take place at a time later than that first scheduled.

afterward – at a later or future time.

bleakest – (of a situation) not hopeful or encouraging; unlikely to have a favourable outcome.

internships – the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

uphill battle – uphill battle, an uphill struggle or an uphill task, it is difficult to do because of obstacles such as opposition from other people.

hiring – employ (someone) for wages.

hardest-hit – badly affected.

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Il mese di maggio è un mese per festeggiare i laureati e i loro successi, augurando loro di iniziare la carriera con una laurea guadagnata con fatica. La laurea, però, quest’anno ha un aspetto diverso. L’epidemia di coronavirus ha indotto le università di tutto il Paese a rimandare le cerimonie annuali o a condurle virtualmente. E dopo, i laureati si troveranno ad affrontare uno dei più squallidi mercati del lavoro della storia. Con oltre 30 milioni di americani che fanno domanda per il sussidio di disoccupazione e molte aziende che riducono gli stage e le posizioni di ingresso, i laureati si trovano ad affrontare una battaglia in salita proprio quando pensavano che il loro futuro potesse finalmente iniziare. Secondo Glassdoor, ad aprile le assunzioni per tirocini sono diminuite del 39% rispetto all’anno precedente, con un calo in tutti i settori. I settori più colpiti sono stati quelli dei viaggi e del turismo, dell’informatica, dei media e dell’editoria.

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