Daily Lesson Reading Review #1

L’obiettivo è capire se avete imparato il significato delle nuove parole leggendo di nuovo gli articoli dopo qualche giorno. Mandatemi un messaggio e ditemi quali parole in grassetto non avete capito o fatemi sapere se siete riusciti a capire qualcosa.


Seeking relief from a heat wave, thousands of people crowded beaches in Southern California this weekend amid the coronavirus pandemic, despite a statewide stay-at-home order implemented by the governor last month. While beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties remained closed, they were open in Ventura and Orange Counties. However, beachgoers still had to adhere to a patchwork of guidelines and restrictions, including keeping parking lots closed to discourage outside visitors and limit crowds.


French police have seized 140,000 face masks intended for the black market in a record haul since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It is the largest seizure since the French government banned the resale of protective masks to prioritize their distribution to health workers in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic. Two individuals were arrested while they were unloading boxes in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris, a police source said on Sunday. One of them said he was a business owner and had bought the masks, including 5,000 high protection FFP2 masks, in the Netherlands for a total of 80,000 euros ($87,000). The masks were to be sold to construction workers for a large profit, according to police.


Sotheby’s and Google have announced an online auction in support of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an NGO providing frontline support for refugees and other vulnerable communities affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. The all-star auction brings together some of the world’s most prominent figures from across the arts, music, politics and business, who are offering their time and expertise to the highest bidders, in the form of virtual experiences that might just bring some joy during lockdown. Grab a coffee or tea with Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright or Apollo 9 astronaut Russell “Rusty” Schweickart, or put your acting chops to the test with Sir Patrick Stewart, who is offering a lesson in Shakespearean performance.


Cleaning robots, temperature checks and antimicrobial coatings could soon become synonymous with airport trips. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has provided a glimpse into what international airport procedures might look like once we’re traveling again, and a lot of disinfection technologies are involved. The busy Asia airport claims it’s the first in the world to trial a live operation of CLeanTech, a full-body disinfection boothThe short, but thorough, process sees those passing through undertake a temperature check before entering a small booth for the 40-second disinfection and sanitizing procedures.  According to the airport authority, the inside of the facility contains an antimicrobial coating that can remotely kill any viruses and/or bacteria found on clothing, as well as the body, by using photocatalyst advances along with “nano needles.”


While unemployment benefits serve as a financial lifeline for those who lose their jobs, the program typically replaces only about 40% of workers’ wages, on averageBut now, many laid-off Americans are receiving bigger checks from unemployment than they did from their jobs, thanks to the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package passed by Congress in March. The bill included a historic $600 boost to weekly payments, on top of state benefits, that lasts for up to four months. In 38 states, the combined payment is equal to or larger than the average weekly wage for the jobs that were lostHowever, the enhancement is leading some employers in states that are starting to reopen to worry that their former workers are not rushing to return to their jobs. Lawmakers knew when they were crafting the relief bill that their unprecedented expansion of the unemployment program might result in the jobless getting paid more than they did at work. But they wanted to act swiftly as the coronavirus was ravaging the nation’s economy, and a set amount would be easier for state unemployment agencies’ antiquated technology systems to handleAnother 3.8 million Americans filed first-time jobless claims last week, bringing the total to more than 30 million over the past six weeks, on a seasonally adjusted basis. Keeping families whole in the short term was the right thing for Congress to do, said Tedeschi, who previously worked at the US Treasury. 

*Completamente gratuito: Al momento le lezioni giornaliere sono completamente gratuite per tutti, ma da 1 Giugno 2020 ci sarà un costo accessibile di solo 30 euro per 30 lezioni. Ogni nuovo studente ha la possibilità di provare 30 lezioni gratuitamente*

What are daily lessons?

These short lessons cannot substitute speaking on a regular basis, which is the best way to improve. These lessons are a great way to keep improving in between lessons. They are short readings and videos selected by Marcus to help you save time and energy. It is not easy to stay motivated and even when you are motivated, it is difficult to find something new and interesting every day. I will take care of that for you, making it very simple for you to improve your English skills every single day!

Queste brevi lezioni non possono sostituire il parlare regolarmente, che è il modo migliore per migliorare. Queste lezioni sono un ottimo modo per continuare a migliorare tra una lezione e l’altra. Sono brevi letture e video selezionati da Marcus per aiutarvi a risparmiare tempo ed energia. Non è facile rimanere motivati e anche quando si è motivati, è difficile trovare qualcosa di nuovo e interessante ogni giorno. Me ne occuperò io per voi, rendendo molto semplice per voi migliorare la vostra conoscenza dell’inglese ogni singolo giorno!

How to use daily lessons

No stress! My goal is to provide new and interesting material every day for those who like to learn a little bit at a time. For others who don’t have time to study everyday, I don’t wan’t you to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. When you have time, do what you can and decide when and if you have time to practice. Every person is different and each of us has our own learning method.

Niente stress! Il mio obiettivo è quello di fornire ogni giorno materiale nuovo e interessante per chi ama imparare un po’ alla volta. Per gli altri che non hanno tempo di studiare ogni giorno, non voglio che vi sentiate scoraggiati o sopraffatti. Quando avete tempo, fate quello che potete e decidete quando e se avete tempo per esercitarvi. Ogni persona è diversa e ognuno di noi ha il proprio metodo di apprendimento.


Keep a “Daily Lesson” diary to track your progress and the new things that you learn, specifically the new sentences from the reading and video. You can easily come back and find all of the vocabulary words from the article on my website at a later date.

Tieni un diario “Lezione quotidiana” per seguire i tuoi progressi e le novità che impari, in particolare le nuove frasi della lettura e del video. Potete tornare facilmente indietro e trovare tutte le parole del vocabolario dell’articolo sul mio sito web in un secondo momento.

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