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A Masterclass is a lesson to help you improve the other skills that you do not cover with me during our conversation lessons. Here you can improve your listening, reading, vocabulary and writing skills without wasting time searching for material. Also, differently than studying alone and wondering if you are improving or not, you will receive feedback directly from me. You can always decide if and when you would like to do a Masterclass which makes it very flexible and convenient. Each MasterClass lesson costs €30 and lasts 1 hour.




Vaccines are safe. But huge numbers of people around the world say they wouldn’t take a Covid jab

Susan Bailey, a 57-year-old retired nurse from Florida, has had all her jabs and gets a flu shot every year. She’s a vocal Joe Biden supporter — and one of a growing number of people globally who say they wouldn’t take a coronavirus vaccine even if one becomes available soon.”I’m not anti-vaccine. My kids were both vaccinated with everything, but I would not take a Covid vaccine today,” Bailey told CNN. “I have underlying health issues … I would want to see enough studies in a long-term period of what the ramifications are for the vaccine.”Bailey said she doesn’t trust US President Donald Trump, and that consensus around a vaccine among the world’s top scientists and at least six months of testing would be just “a start” in persuading her to take it. “It’s much too soon for me, I’d have to say, 18 months.”Infecting volunteers with Covid-19 might speed up the race for a vaccine. But it could be riskyHer trepidation is echoed by a significant proportion of adults all over the world, who reject the extreme views of the anti-vaccine community, but say they have major concerns about a coronavirus jab.

Overcrowded, overpriced and overwhelmed. The UK’s Covid-19 staycation nightmare

Beaches strewn with waste, wild campers destroying fragile habitats, warnings from an increasingly overstretched Coastguard, unaffordable accommodations. What was supposed to have been a Great British summer has, for many, become a staycation nightmare.Cut off by quarantine regulations from cheap trips to popular overseas destinations, UK vacationers were encouraged by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to enjoy their own, sometimes overlooked, holiday hotspots when Covid-19 lockdown measures eased in July.Brits have also been permitted to venture abroad, with those traveling to countries identified on a coronavirus “safe” list exempted from quarantine on their return. But with Spain, which usually attracts 18 million British tourists each year, hastily withdrawn from the list because of a virus resurgence and France, another popular destination, being dropped from the list this weekend, the demand for UK holidays has skyrocketed. The result has been clogged roads, emergency incidents on the most popular stretches of coastline, a rise in travel scams and soaring prices for accommodation.

Passports for purchase: How the elite get through a pandemic

For most people, the coronavirus pandemic has meant fewer travel options. Not so for super-rich families who are increasingly using their money to cross borders that would otherwise be closed to them. This is the elite world of investment migration, where passport applications are based not on nationality or citizenship, but on wealth and the willingness to move it around the planet.These so-called citizen-by-investment programs, or CIPs, are currently a growth industry, as are residence-by-investment arrangements, also known as “golden visas.”They’re a way for ultra-rich individuals to not only diversify their portfolio by moving their money into a country, but also receive the benefits of citizenship, including a new passport. Over the past five to 10 years, the primary motivations amongst CIP participants — who tend to have a net worth of anywhere from $2 million to over $50 million — have been freedom of movement, tax benefits and lifestyle factors, such as better education or civil liberties.But with Covid-19 dramatically transforming our 2020, some elite families are also considering healthcare, pandemic responses and potential safe havens to ensure they have a backup plan for the future.



Max 250 words

Feel free to respond to any or all of the questions below related to this MasterClass:

  1. Do you travel with pets? If not, do other people’s pets disturb you while on vacation?

2. Where would you like to host a slumber party?

3. Have any of your relationships suffered during Covid-19?

4. Would you take the Cover-19 vaccine if it were available?

5. Did you travel in your country instead of going abroad? Was it better or worse than expected?

6. Where would the best place to spend quarantine be for you?

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