‘You are wonderful’: JFK love letters to Swedish mistress up for sale

Question: Would your opinion changed about someone based on their personal life?

A series of love letters, handwritten by President John F. Kennedy to his Swedish mistress, are going up for sale at a Boston auction house.The intimate letters — addressed to Gunilla von Post, an aristocrat he met weeks prior to his 1953 marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier — reveal Kennedy describing their time together as a “bright memory of my life.”The eight-page collection, which includes one full letter and two partial messages, come from Von Post’s personal collection and are expected to fetch over $30,000. Von Post passed away in 2011 and, prior to her death, penned a 1997 memoir about her relationship with the former president titled “Love, Jack.”Written between 1955 and 1956, the love letters predate Kennedy’s presidency. He was serving as a senator in Massachusetts at the time, and the notes were written on United States Senate letterhead.

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